What is the Ethical Channel?

JC FÁBRICA DE VÁLVULAS, S.A.U. has an Ethical Channel that allows us to raise any possible irregularity, non-compliance or behaviour contrary to ethics, legality and the rules that govern this company. This channel also allows to report possible situations of moral, sexual, gender-based harassment and discriminatory treatment.

The channel is based on the principles of confidentiality and prohibition of retaliation. It is possible to make anonymous communications, although we encourage you to identify yourself so that we can contact you if we need additional information.

The Ethical Channel complements and does not replace the company’s usual communication channels with its employees, collaborators and other third parties with whom it maintains a direct employment, commercial or professional relationship. In this sense, the interested parties will try to use these channels for the effective resolution of each case, prior to the Ethical Channel.

The Ethical Channel is not the channel authorized to raise queries and/or doubts about the interpretation of the company’s legality and regulations. To do this you can send an email to the following address:

Thanks to this platform, and with your responsible collaboration, we can detect if behaviour that contravenes our principles is taking place.

Who can be an informant?

Any employee, administrator, and shareholder of the company, and where applicable, of any group company, as well as any person who works under the supervision and direction of manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors of the company who, in a working context (whether the employment relationship has not yet begun or has already ended), commercial or professional, has become aware of infractions, irregularities or non-compliance.

How can I access the Ethical Channel?

You can access the Ethical Channel through the link that you will find on this page and that connects to the external, secure, and confidential platform, where your communications will be recorded, always guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity. The Ethical Channel is available 24 hours a day and allows you to report incidents in written form. The Ethical Channel is located on a platform contracted to an external provider, offering greater guarantees of security and confidentiality to informants.

Once you have submitted your communication, you will be able to track it using the automatically generated access password.

To access the form enabled in the Ethical Channel you must previously accept the Privacy Policy.

Can I report anonymously?

Yes, although we encourage you to identify yourself, as it allows us to carry out a more efficient investigation of the reported events. Keep in mind that the company will always guarantee the confidentiality of communications received through the Ethical Channel or other internal channels enabled for this purpose, as well as the non-adoption of retaliation.

What information should I provide when making the communication?

In order to be able to assess a complaint, it must contain:

  1. Identification details of the person making the communication (except when anonymity is chosen);
  2. If known, identification details of the person/s to whom the incident is attributed;
  3. A description of the facts reported, specifying, as far as possible, the violation of the regulations, the date, the people involved and witnesses; and
  4. If available, proof or evidence to support the facts reported.

What are the guarantees in case of using the Ethical Channel?

The Ethical Channel has appropriate technical and organisational security measures to avoid the risk of disclosure, unavailability and loss or destruction of information.

The System Manager and any other person who, whenever strictly necessary for the proper management of the communication, has knowledge of it, will be obliged to maintain strict confidentiality of the communications in all their aspects, including the details of the parties involved in the process, especially regarding the identity of both the informant and the person reported.

Furthermore, the person who uses the Ethical Channel can make the communication anonymously.

The company will protect any person who uses the Ethical Channel in good faith from any type of retaliation. However, making false reports may result in disciplinary measures being imposed.

What happens after having submitted a communication?

Once the communication about a possible incident has been raised, the informant will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the same within a period of no more than 7 working days of receipt of the same. After carrying out a first analysis of the incident, the System Manager will decide whether to admit the communication for processing if it is considered that it may be potentially truthful, or to reject the communication due to lack of reasonable evidence, for not containing the minimum requirements required or for having been the same facts, reported before any judicial or administrative body. If the communication is admitted, the System Manager will appoint a case instructor who will carry out the investigation of the facts in an objective, exhaustive and professional manner.

Once the investigation is concluded, the investigated subjects will be informed of the decisions made, and the informant will be informed, whenever possible, of the conclusion of the procedure, as well as the result in general terms.

External Information and Communication Channels to the competent authorities

We inform you that the Ethical Channel is the preferred channel to report possible irregularities, however, you can also use the external channel enabled by the Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia as the Independent Authority for the Protection of Informants in Catalonia, by accessing the website

Access the ethical channel here